Quattuordecim Vespertilio

"Libertas perfundet omnia luce."


.Balora, Q'Dec Vespertilio, was created using DNA materials of an Au'Ra Xaelan male and a bat. His sole purpose for existing was as a member of an elite army of guards known as The Quattuordecim or Q'Dec, tasked with protecting their creator and master. He has qualities of both species and also some fractured memories of a elder axeman, as the man's brain tissue was used as an ingredient in Balora's creation..He has left the Q'Dec in search of seeking freedom, knowledge and possibly others in similar predicaments. This dissention has caused him to be relentlessly hunted by his former mentor, friend and lover Akare' at the behest of their master. He is to be brought back alive initiating several hefty bounties on his head..His outgoing nature allows him to make fast friends even through hesitation on who to trust. One such connection is with a seasoned alchemist who Balora saved from drowning. The alchemist was able to concoct a protective ink that was used to tattoo a series of sigil and ward tattoos over Balora's entire body, making it extremely difficult for his pursuers to find him. To make him even more obscure, the alchemist created a glamour elixir that allows his wings to disappear. They are only invisible to the eye so as Balora is a tad clumsy, he has to be careful not to turn quickly and clear a table or hit someone by accident..He seeks solace in places that bring him comfort as he misses some of the others of his kind. He is very relaxed when at peace and can often be found in venues just listening to the music and watching others interact. So if you spot him, say hello, just don't be discouraged if he is quiet at first. He is probably making sure you are not hunting him. And if he turns quickly, duck!


BEAUTY.Height: 8'2"
.Weight: ??
.Hair Color: Jet black w/grey streaks
.Eye Color: Jade green
.Horns/Scales: Jet black. Horns have silver tips
.Wings: Leathery, black & slightly tattered
.Nails: Razor sharp by nature. Filed slightly as not to scratch unless desired
.Teeth: Razor sharp. Dulled by persistent licking of tips (nervous habit)
.Tattoos/Body Markings: Body covered in sigils/wards for protection
.Sexuality: Pansexual
.RP/ERP: Yes/Always a maybe
.Relationship status: None at present
.Likes: Apples, small animals, music (EDM/Trap), ice cold water (to drink and bathe), bruises
.Dislikes: Lemons, closed minds, lies, desert locales, milk
.Is a vegetarian but likes the taste of blood so he may bite
.Reads anything & everything he can get his hands on
.Only comes out after dusk as he must rest during the day to remain functional
.Is a master axeman (WAR) & enjoys sparring with others
.Eyesight is not the best but other senses are extremely heightened especially hearing and taste
.While he is a very sexual/sensual being, he gets nothing from one-nighters. He likes to enjoy someone again & again over time, revealing more & more of his talents each time
|Crystal Data Center - Malboro - Easter Standard Time Zone (EST)|
Some quick rules...
.I'm open to most RP (casual, romantic, adventure, etc) but 18+ for RP, 21+ for exceptions!
.I like using a paragraph writing style but will adjust to my partner. However, if we have both expressed comfort in lengthy responses, please don't waste my time with one word replies. Yuck!
.I made Balora to work at one of my favorite venues & plan to use him for in-game RP only. So I have no plans to use him in any Discord RP but may change that decision at a later date.
.I'm open to having OOC convo to get things straight, plans laid out, etc & also don't mind chit-chat bc if we don't mesh OOC, I'm not interested in our characters interacting
.Any connections Balora makes with a character do not automatically transfer to me.
.If at any time during a session, either of us is uncomfortable, it must be expressed immediately! RP should be fun...always, for both parties!
.And if you have questions or concerns about anything, just ask!


I am a 21+ FF14 player. I have been playing the game for a long time but only got into FF14 RP in the last year or so.I work during the day but am almost always online at night. Also I am off on Sundays so I am available most anytime that day.I love meeting new people so if you see Balora around, please feel free to introduce yourself!